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New Products Daniel Smith Watercolors  20% off All Ampersand Panels  25% off All Stretched Canvas     & Canvas Panels   25% off 20% off Pro Dixie Stretch-it-yourself canvas kit features our heavy weight 12oz acrylic primed canvas. Our Patent Pending Clever Lever eliminates the need for pliers. The specially grooved stretcher bars and corner braces allow the canvas to easily square which results in a tightly stretched canvas every time. 15% off Models 15% off Interactive Artist Acrylic   Closeout  40% off Gourds 15% off
We also have gift certificates Special Pricing on Carving Stone and Basswood
The Ultimate Wound Kit includes everything you need to create highly realistic wounds directly on the skin fast. Ideal for moulage and casualty simulation on actors, standardized patients and mannequins. Also suitable for theatrical and movie make-up applications, and Halloween special effects. This kit contains all the supplies needed to make simulated trauma scars, open wounds, burns, cuts, infections, and more. The Ultimate Zombie Kit™ includes everything you need to create multiple zombie makeups directly on the skin fast! Ideal for Halloween, Zombie Walks, theatrical and movie make-up applications and more! This kit contains all the supplies needed to make simulated trauma scars, open wounds, burns, cuts, infections, and other skin FX. Skin Tite® silicone can be applied directly to the skin. Cured Skin Tite® is strong and will bend and flex with natural body movements. The included step-by-step DVD instructions will guide you through the process. Smooth-On's wide variety of platinum cure, skin-safe silicone rubbers are used to create realistic skin effects.  Ecoflex® and Dragon Skin® super soft silicones have become the industry standard for creating silicone masks and more. Adding SLACKER® additive creates a 'deadened' gel-like silicone perfect for realistic applicance movement.  Ecoflex® GEL is 'pre-deadened' and makes a superb appliance filler. Dragon Skin® FX-Pro can be used as a membrane, or is soft enough to be used as a solid prosthetic appliance. Skin Tite® certified skin-safe silicone can be used to build up wounds and scars directly on the skin or as an adhesive for cast silicone appliances. We carry a large selection of molding and casting materials. Smooth-On, Douglas & Sturgess.
Much more Smooth-On on our Smooth-On page  chick here. 
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